Locked Out of Your Safe?

Fast and professional locksmiths available in Tallahassee to open locked safes and drop boxes!

open locked safe

Locked Out of Your Safe?

Home safes and fire & water resistant safe boxes are a great way to protect important family documents, photos and valuables from fire and flooding. If you’ve lost the key, forgot the combo or just can’t get it open, give us a call. Depending on the type of safe or lock box we may be able to pick the lock, drill the lock and repair or replace the dial or keypad.

Cash drop boxes are necessary for safety and security in your business. But if you can’t get into your safe when needed for deposits or change, business can be affected or even come to a stop. CallOrange locksmiths are available 24 hours a day in Tallahassee for emergency lookout service!

Gun safes and gun lockers are necessary for firearm safety and security. but just as important as keeping the wrong people out, you need to be able to get in when needed. Make sure your gun safe is always in perfect working order. We can provide maintenance and repair on dials,keypads and any moving parts of your safe. Call us today!

Safe Maintenance and Repair

Make sure you can get in when needed! Being unable to get into a safe when needed can cost you time, money or even worse! CallOrange can perform regular safe maintenance on any moving parts, safe dials, and keypads. Call us today for service!